Back on the Wagon – Fitness Update!

So today was the first day since I came home from San Francisco that I decided to get

IMG_20170809_215547back on the health waggon. With the combination of some health issues and being away, it’s meant I’ve seriously lapsed on my fitness regime. But I’m determined to at least get back on the waggon a little bit before I Jetset away again at the end of September!

That’s not to say that I wasn’t doing *any* workouts while I was away, but it is safe to say that I did manage to do a lot of walking.

My trip to San Fran was super eventful so I’ll be writing a blog post detailing some fun things that I got around to seeing and doing but that is not for this post! So I hope you look forward to that!

I (personally) don’t think my times are too abysmal for someone who is just starting back running. I’m starting Day 1 Week 1 of interval training. Running for 60 seconds then walking at a moderate pace for 90 seconds and repeat for 30 minutes. I didn’t get through the entire thing without incident. I had to pause and take a 60 second break to catch back up with myself. Overall, I’m happy enough with my preformance given that I’m only starting back.






Couch to 5k – Week 3 Day 1

My journey from couch to 5k.

Just finished week 3 day 1 of #C25K® on #Android with @c25kfree! #everymomentcounts #run #running #health #fitness #workout

Ok, that was awful, I completed this yesterday but life is getting in the way of keeping my blog up to date. Anyway! 

We’re now into the parts of the training where I’m going into 3 minute jogging intervals. Which on its own isn’t too hard but the weather here has been a bit sparatic, it was brutally cold we’ve had hail and little bits of snow. So running in those conditions wasn’t great and I wasn’t able to do it continuously. This then effected my overall time. It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been feeling great either.  
I have to go for a run as scheduled today but I’ve been out all day today so I’m already gone beyond my step count for the day, but I’ll probably go out anyway tonight. 

Hopefully I’ll feel better bout the whole thing tomorrow