Accessibility Criteria for Video Games – Introducing the DVCM.

Version The idea behind this document is to get a wider conversation happening about what we consider to be accessibility friendly or not in terms of video game accessibility. At time of writing, there is no guideline or regulatory body that says what a game should be labeled to inform buyers it is forContinue reading “Accessibility Criteria for Video Games – Introducing the DVCM.”

Game Accessibility Standard – A Review Visual

As per my last post, I wanted to upload an example image of how reviewers can cover key points within a game that doesn’t necessarily require experience with the disabilities in question. Try to remember that all of this is to aid the reader to see if there is even the first instance of accessibilityContinue reading “Game Accessibility Standard – A Review Visual”

Game Accessibility Standard

Commitment from Gaming Journalism Outlets to cover Accessibility in Games. Commitment from Gaming Journalism Outlets to cover Accessibility in Games. – Sign the Petition! via @Change — Spec (@ThisIsSpecious) March 22, 2020 As we move towards a world that becomes more increasingly aware of the trials and tribulations of people with accessibility needs. PublicationsContinue reading “Game Accessibility Standard”

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Without a Doubt Too Excited for this This is going to be a game journal to tell you what I’ve been playing and how i’m getting on with it. What I like about the game play, design and what I don’t. I won’t be giving any scores or anything like that, this will just beContinue reading “Yoshi’s Wooly World”