Review: ThinkGeek Bag of Holding Tote

Disclaimer: This is a review unit I was able to get from the lovely people at ThinkGeek. As anyone who has been viewing this blog for a long time, you’ll know one of my pet peeves in my digital life is that I struggle immensely with finding the right sort of bag for my tech.Continue reading “Review: ThinkGeek Bag of Holding Tote”

Watch “Should you Care? Gaming – Kingdom Hearts Series” on YouTube

I started a Youtube Gaming series. To kick things off, I’m playing all of the Kingdom Hearts games. We start with Birth by Sleep Final Mix.  I hope you enjoy it! Should you Care? Gaming – Kingdom Hearts Series:

Announcement: PanelxPanel Vol.1 No.1

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m a featured writer in PanelXPanel! Issue #1 discusses BEAUTIFUL CANVAS.  What I write in this magazine is the femme fatale in comics and the impact of women in Beautiful Canvas.  You can find some of the praise for PanelXPanel below:  Pre-order: 

Best Cases for the Nintendo Switch!

With the new release of the Nintendo Switch on Friday the 3rd of March 2017. New owners revel in their new purchase! (Myself included) However, in the excitement, it is always likely to overlook one of the biggest features of the Switch. That is, its portability. If you have just spent €312 on a consoleContinue reading “Best Cases for the Nintendo Switch!”

Beginners Guide To Battery Packs

This is a quick beginner guide as to what to look out for when you’re purchasing your first battery pack.