Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 6 easy steps

Anxiety is a condition that affects everyone at some stage in life. For some people, this is more of a chronic condition than others who only get anxiety occasionally. Having effective coping mechanisms is essential to success when you’re in this headspace. I will go through some processes and ideas that may help you cope when anxiety comes around.

Physical Copies of the Pain Journal – Available

The world is in so much pain right now. I’ve run a very limited stock (10) of physical notepad @_ThePainJournal 2 types – A tick box & Long Form. I’ll be releasing the PDF for free & physical copies are €8 + shipping. https://t.co/2FUBErbvf3 — Spec (@ThisIsSpecious) June 8, 2020 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js