Bite Size Reviews – Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy is a visual novel created by popular Youtube Channel Game Grumps. Dream Daddy is a Dad dating simulator. You move into a new place with your beloved daughter Amanda as she is finishing up her final year of school. With a new move to a cozy cul-de-sac you have the option to createContinue reading “Bite Size Reviews – Dream Daddy”

Positivity in Progress has moved!

Hi all! Just a small update post to let you all know that Positivity in Progress has moved to Etsy full time and away from Spotify. I’ve also added new items to each of the lines, such as eco friendly tote bags as well as leggings for all different shapes and sizes. I hope you’llContinue reading “Positivity in Progress has moved!”

On Shame, Trust and Beginning Again.

If there is one thing that I know about life is that you truly do not know what will happen. The last few years have eroded my heart until it was basically a husk of its former self. Especially the last few months, where my heart and boundaries have been tried more than ever.  SomeContinue reading “On Shame, Trust and Beginning Again.”

A Note on Bots, Admins, and Being Brave.

[Context to this post: I’m an admin for an online community, and I had a very public blow up with someone over a bot I created after repeated instances of negativity. This is the blog post I made to the community after the incident.] I figured this was going to be longer than an averageContinue reading “A Note on Bots, Admins, and Being Brave.”