Retrospective: Cardcaptor Sakura

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate how excited I am about Cardcaptor Sakura return. It was the first anime I ever watched outside of Pokemon that truly captured my imagination and my heart. My first exposure to the series was when I was a young girl in 1998/1999 where it first aired on myContinue reading “Retrospective: Cardcaptor Sakura”

A Note on Bots, Admins, and Being Brave.

[Context to this post: I’m an admin for an online community, and I had a very public blow up with someone over a bot I created after repeated instances of negativity. This is the blog post I made to the community after the incident.] I figured this was going to be longer than an averageContinue reading “A Note on Bots, Admins, and Being Brave.”

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Without a Doubt Too Excited for this This is going to be a game journal to tell you what I’ve been playing and how i’m getting on with it. What I like about the game play, design and what I don’t. I won’t be giving any scores or anything like that, this will just beContinue reading “Yoshi’s Wooly World”