Women in Tech – Gaming & Technology Edition

In a world that is so dominated by men there is precious little more daunting in a journalist’s career than being a woman or non-binary person in tech. My background is in technology of all forms; mobiles, laptops and gaming. You may have already found me around the internet and on Twitter as @ThisIsSpecious andContinue reading “Women in Tech – Gaming & Technology Edition”

Bite Size Reviews – Mom Hid My Game

If were growing up like me, you might have experienced Mom Hid My Game’s base scenario. Your Mom has stolen your game console, as the name of the game would imply, and you have to navigate an ever more elaborate way to get your game boy back to in order to play. The puzzles were often intuitive. Checking the game boy behind a bookcase, or distracting your mom on the couch so you can get the game boy back. But often they were equally bewildering; cultural signals such as looking under a cushion that would be used to sit on were for someone who could be dealing with someone who wouldn’t be so in tune with other cultures. One aspect that was credit to Mom Stole my Game was the fact that all the levels are short in nature. For each puzzle the rooms are the same (by in large) so you get a sense of where things are easily placed. Every time the game makes it clear what the threat to your success is, and it has very straightforward clues to your success. Failure states are always quick and if you don’t find the right answer the first time around, it’s easy to leap back into action. The only downpoint I can say about it is for accessibility.  This can become one of the biggest frustrations of the game, as these have been hard to time, even for someone who is ablebodied. And there was no way to make it any easier! Ruling out some of the final act of Mom Stole My Game Not to get spoilers-as it ‘s not worth spoiling this ending. I would encourage players to see Mom Stole My Game ‘s journey through to its end, however. In the final act, there is a marvelous piece of game design and narrative direction that bringsContinue reading “Bite Size Reviews – Mom Hid My Game”

Game Accessibility Standard

Commitment from Gaming Journalism Outlets to cover Accessibility in Games. Commitment from Gaming Journalism Outlets to cover Accessibility in Games. – Sign the Petition! https://t.co/ml4k1DqLqj via @Change — Spec (@ThisIsSpecious) March 22, 2020 As we move towards a world that becomes more increasingly aware of the trials and tribulations of people with accessibility needs. PublicationsContinue reading “Game Accessibility Standard”

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX – Review

Having pumped double digits of hours into the new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, I can safely say beyond doubt that this is the most loving entry into the history of the franchise. It will charm old and new players alike. However, much like its first incarnation, there were several opportunities where developer SpikeContinue reading “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX – Review”

Should You Care? Women – Critical Lit Games

CriticialLitGames is the brainchild of writer turned coder Susan Grey, her focus with CriticalLitGames is to blend her two loves of literature and gaming using Augmented Reality (AR).

Secret of Mana – Why I’m excited about the remake.

In August 1993, the game was released initially as Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan on the Super Famicom (SNES) but sold outside Japan as Secret of Mana. Now, as of 2017 Square Enix is has decided to remake the beloved series which will be released in North America on February 15, 2018. Earlier this summer, a Mana collection containing three pillarsContinue reading “Secret of Mana – Why I’m excited about the remake.”

Watch “Should you Care? Gaming – Kingdom Hearts Series” on YouTube

I started a Youtube Gaming series. To kick things off, I’m playing all of the Kingdom Hearts games. We start with Birth by Sleep Final Mix.  I hope you enjoy it! Should you Care? Gaming – Kingdom Hearts Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLamKx3IzEL10GtRW6iNfj9cWkkR_YpsBg

D23 2017 – July 15th

D23 2017 kicks off in a huge way giving more detailed information of games to come in the next few years. It kicks off with the announcement that it will be a bridge to Rouge One. It will also have a female protagonist by the name of Iden and how she deals with the fallContinue reading “D23 2017 – July 15th”

Xbox One X Revealed : E3 2017 [Noobist.com]

Originally Posted on Noobist.com What we learned from Microsofts E3 2017 presentation was the unveiling of the Xbox One X. Formerly known as Project Scorpio. Needless to say, Microsoft’s offering has them coming out of the gate swinging! The specs on this hardware are nothing short of impressive:  8-core Custom AMD CPU  it is clocked atContinue reading “Xbox One X Revealed : E3 2017 [Noobist.com]”

E3 2017 – EA Press Conference [Noobist.com]

Courtesy of Noobist.com : Everything you need to know about EA at E3 2017