Shoes and Coats ________ People ask if it’s time. “Time to pick up his things?” His shoes, his coats, his clothes. Washed and as he would expect to find them. But words cannot detract from the miles that we’ve walked together. Your Wedding Shoes. They’re stacked like worlds coliding each taking up a portion ofContinue reading “POETRY [UNTITLED SERIES] – 7”

Poetry [Untitled Series] – 4

You chisel away at me until you get it to fit into a mould of you’re making. Then you continue to chisel it. You watched me break and bend and break and bend Into the shape you wanted to make. Blemishes and imperfections cured and purged and purified in fire and cold. only to realiseContinue reading “Poetry [Untitled Series] – 4”

Poetry [Untitled Series] – 2

Ripping r I p p I n g ripped I feel the swell from wounds not of my own a deep seeded root an intolerable pain knowing is torment the realisation the choices you made the ramifications I suffer alone. like a thief you stole a phanthom thief stealing my world my body my choiceContinue reading “Poetry [Untitled Series] – 2”

Don’t Kill Yourself.

There are whispers on the breeze that still call your name. Don’t believe the whispered things at 2am. Don’t kill yourself. Don’t kill yourself. When your heart breaks with every single beating of your heart. When the pillbox used to keep you alive calls the siren songs of goodbyes. Don’t kill yourself. Don’t kill yourself.Continue reading “Don’t Kill Yourself.”