Stress – It’s ok to be tired

You find me writing this blog from the couch that I’ve put together a few days before boxes surrounding the decorative boxes I got to put stuff away into. There are wrappers, trash, and plastic littering the living room. While I have most of the stuff built, I’m failing to put together the hanger forContinue reading “Stress – It’s ok to be tired”

How to break the cycle of fear in habit formation

Recently we covered self care ideation and how there are practical and realistic ways to love yourself beyond the keywords and SEO. Today we will talk about aversion, procrastination and habit forming when it causes some fear response or avoidance behaviour. Being able to form new habits and behaviours is complex and difficult as itContinue reading “How to break the cycle of fear in habit formation”

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 6 easy steps

Anxiety is a condition that affects everyone at some stage in life. For some people, this is more of a chronic condition than others who only get anxiety occasionally. Having effective coping mechanisms is essential to success when you’re in this headspace. I will go through some processes and ideas that may help you cope when anxiety comes around.

6 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

2020 has been a lot.  It’s been a lot between the pandemic and how to cope with social isolation. And despite the huge upheaval of how we live our lives, it is important to take the time to acknowledge that this is a tremendous time of stress for everyone.  With that in mind, there haveContinue reading “6 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved”

Physical Copies of the Pain Journal – Available

The world is in so much pain right now. I’ve run a very limited stock (10) of physical notepad @_ThePainJournal 2 types – A tick box & Long Form. I’ll be releasing the PDF for free & physical copies are €8 + shipping. — Spec (@ThisIsSpecious) June 8, 2020

Should You Care? – Skincare!

I think it’s time to do something new! So, this will be a review/first impressions of my time using the Garnier Micellar Water. Now, I think anyone who’s anyone will have heard lots of this product by now! It is, of course, the Garnier Micellar Water. One of The reasons why I was a littleContinue reading “Should You Care? – Skincare!”

Update – Diet and Supplements

Now that I’m Back on the Wagon, it’s time to start talking about what I’m doing to lose that 8 kg I gained while I was away in San Francisco. I’m starting off with the fundamentals – nothing crazy to get myself sorted. Just some Thermal CLA to help with my fat burning and metabolism. TheseContinue reading “Update – Diet and Supplements”

Back on the Wagon – Fitness Update!

So today was the first day since I came home from San Francisco that I decided to get back on the health waggon. With the combination of some health issues and being away, it’s meant I’ve seriously lapsed on my fitness regime. But I’m determined to at least get back on the waggon a littleContinue reading “Back on the Wagon – Fitness Update!”