Update – Diet and Supplements

Update – Diet and Supplements

Now that I'm Back on the Wagon, it's time to start talking about what I'm doing to lose that 8 kg I gained while I was away in San Francisco. I'm starting off with the fundamentals - nothing crazy to get myself sorted. Just some Thermal CLA to help with my fat burning and metabolism. These [...]

The Nutrilent Challenge!

The real people at Nutrilent (Hi Seyit!) have given me some samples of their Soylent Alternative. FULL DISCLOSURE: They gave me some samples of their banana, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate flavours and provided us with two shakers. I only paid for shipping for the items! All together I paid E12 For those who don't know what [...]

Mix & Match: Left overs – Turnabout Pastabake! (Anyone get the reference?)

This is something I'd wanted to try for a while, how to utilise a combination of canned food and left overs to make a new dish for dinner. So this is what I came up with. I'd previously cooked before a tomatoe sauce with lentils and chickpeas and I wanted to see how I could make it [...]

Brown Thomas: Restaurant Treat

Sorry for the lack of posts on this particular section; as I haven't been eating a lot of food/skipping meals due to my sleep schedule. I find myself super lethargic during the day, and I'm not too sure what's causing it. Anyway Splinter and I decided that after a trip to the dentist we should [...]

10 minute Dinner on a Monday Night

For the unaware, I'm very interested in my food and how its cooked. Its a passion I've developed since I've moved out into my own home and have had to cook for someone else. These are going to be the exploration into the food I cook daily or nightly. If you're vegetarian this is not going to be [...]