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Specious is a Game Critic, Tech Journalist & Accessibility Advocate | Bylines @Phandroid, @MobileNations@GoodWritingVG |@FreeFoodBankAp1 | Poly | Bi | He/She/They.

They have an eclectic career; being involved from everything from all forms of editing, writing and proofreading to developing software, processes and games.

What People Say

You helped me become way more aware of accessibility in games and writing, and I always enjoyed working with you. Our time together at GGW made me a better writer. I also really loved the Spec Special show for your humor and insight. The way you care about people is so admirable.

Another forgotten act, the power of kind words. It takes a moment but can last a lifetime to someone. It could save a person’s life, that’s immeasurable good in the world. This made a difference in a week where I felt alone in every aspect of my life, thank you @ThisIsSpecious!

Thomas Frantz (@ADHIForgotOhYaD)

If being kind and thoughtful were an Olympic sport, you’d be Usain Bolt. You’ve been through so much and instead of becoming withdrawn and cynical, it seems to have made you more empathetic. I only hope I can return to you some of the love and support you pour into others.

Mim McDonald (@crinolinerobot)

The credit really goes to @thisisspecious who brought this up with me and helped me come up with a system. It’s still being tinkered with but I’m quite happy with the state it’s in!

Olly Smith (@ollywrites)

you’re generous about sharing your knowledge and great at articulating difficult concepts related to accessibility. we’ve had some conversations that helped me frame things in a whole new way, and I’m very thankful for that. both for my own life and for “the cause.” thank you!

Jim Dodge (@dodgethistweet)

your strength and resilience are fucking inspiring and you look damn fine in a suit


Let’s build something together.


A Study on Video Gaming & Language Learning – Lambert Academic Press

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Issue #6 – Analog

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Tarot Readings Available!

Tarot Readings – starting from $1/£1/€1

As a practicing witch, one of the things I’m hoping to do to live the life of my dreams and give back to others is by doing some Tarot Readings. I feel like my prices are quite competitive for the market right now, and since I’m only doing short sessions with specific readings I feel like everything is fairly priced.

I have some great recommendations from people who have already availed of my services, and I’ll be sure to drop them down below for you to see for yourselves.

Just add your Twitter handle or email address in the notes on Paypal. Feel free to be as specific or not about your requests.

What you’ll get:

  • Same Day Reading
  • Video going through your cards
  • Written document about your cards as well as an overall overview

$1/£1/€1 Single Card of the Day
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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

This comes with a trigger warning. Senua’s sacrifice is not for those who have schizophrenia or having relapses of psychosis. As someone with schizophrenia who is in recovery, Senua’s story was hard for me as it played on all the things that I would go through if I was having a relapse.  The story of […]

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


Check out my coverage on 100 Word Gaming

100 Word Gaming Reviews

Have you ever wondered or worried about what would happen if you died? Well Afterparty takes the fear straight out of going to hell in this comedic yet sincere romp through the afterlife with your best friend. Your only way of going home? Beat Satan himself in a drinking game! It is truly hilarious.

I played Afterparty on Xbox One and on controller, and I found the controls to be a little bit inconsistent at the best of times and there are quick time events that would not suit people who have dexterity issues, but these are relatively slow events.

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Nothing was Different

The sun still rises and falls every night

The rain still falls and rises

Both give and take away life

As the moon watches on

Where do we go when we sleep?

Why do you visit me in my dreams?

Why do I wake up alone?