From One Womb to Another : A battle for a right to my life.

I’ll never understand why in Irish culture there is so much emphases on the womb and not on the woman. Everything about going to a gynecologist for me, as a young women has been nothing but arduous met with little to no understanding of my concerns or my families concerns. All because I don’t have a baby in my uterus.  I’ve hadContinue reading “From One Womb to Another : A battle for a right to my life.”

Fallen London

Fallen London It’s been a very long time since I’ve played any sort of free point and click/narrative game. I’d say its been as long as my Newgrounds & I Am Bored days. It’s a game thats very hard to explain, but I’ll give it a good go.    First thing to know about Fallen London, and the very firstContinue reading “Fallen London”

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Without a Doubt Too Excited for this This is going to be a game journal to tell you what I’ve been playing and how i’m getting on with it. What I like about the game play, design and what I don’t. I won’t be giving any scores or anything like that, this will just beContinue reading “Yoshi’s Wooly World”

10 minute Dinner on a Monday Night

For the unaware, I’m very interested in my food and how its cooked. Its a passion I’ve developed since I’ve moved out into my own home and have had to cook for someone else. These are going to be the exploration into the food I cook daily or nightly. If you’re vegetarian this is not going to beContinue reading “10 minute Dinner on a Monday Night”

Books, Publications and iGBL

Professional Stuff Book Publication So first things first, I’ve published a book! Yes, me of all people!  I’m pretty proud of my achievement considering I’m not long out of college now, and I’m already a published author its not something to be sniffed at. The link is up there for anyone who wants to have a readContinue reading “Books, Publications and iGBL”

Chronic Illness & Good Stuff

There have been several things that I’ve been wanting to accomplish with this blog but I’ve always hit the usual wall of not knowing what to write and finding a way for my first post to be compelling! Personal So I’m gonna stop over analysing and just start telling you guys what has been goingContinue reading “Chronic Illness & Good Stuff”