There is a rush in the tide as the storm breaks through to land Knowing what you have done and how blind you are to it How you’d hurt him without knowing what is going on How you still call me sick Your words break like waves upon the shore You don’t control me TheContinue reading “POETRY [UNTITLED SERIES] – 15”

GoFundMe – Support Spec in their time of need

For those who know Spec, it’s very likely that they have been there to support you at your time of need, but now they need us.  Due to personal circumstances over the past few months, Spec is now living alone with a very limited support bubble around them. That’s why I’m asking Twitter to beContinue reading “GoFundMe – Support Spec in their time of need”


Cameras & a rear view mirror You don’t drive a car by looking backwards. if you do you’ll crash. Cameras and rear view mirrors are only there for glimpses at the past. You’re not meant to stay there. I’ve stripped all the photos from my walls. I’ve pulled the bricks apart in order to reshapeContinue reading “POETRY [UNTITLED SERIES] – 13”

How to break the cycle of fear in habit formation

Recently we covered self care ideation and how there are practical and realistic ways to love yourself beyond the keywords and SEO. Today we will talk about aversion, procrastination and habit forming when it causes some fear response or avoidance behaviour. Being able to form new habits and behaviours is complex and difficult as itContinue reading “How to break the cycle of fear in habit formation”


Over and Over I sit disassociated and numb Between a sleeping cocker spaniel and the noise of the street I’ve been crying all day and every time I feel like I’ve gotten some sort of closure only to be pulled back to April over and over. They tell me how well I’ve done. That April’sContinue reading “POETRY [UNTITLED SERIES] – 12”

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 6 easy steps

Anxiety is a condition that affects everyone at some stage in life. For some people, this is more of a chronic condition than others who only get anxiety occasionally. Having effective coping mechanisms is essential to success when you’re in this headspace. I will go through some processes and ideas that may help you cope when anxiety comes around.