Update – Diet and Supplements

Now that I’m Back on the Wagon, it’s time to start talking about what I’m doing to lose that 8 kg I gained while I was away in San Francisco. I’m starting off with the


fundamentals – nothing crazy to get myself sorted. Just some Thermal CLA to help with my fat burning and metabolism. These are just some liquid gel tablets that you take twice daily, I’ve used them before when I was at the peak at my running. Using them I never got crazy tired or lethargic even after doing longer runs in the beginning.

So I’d recommend for people who are maybe struggling with the fatigue of running after you’ve done some training to maybe ask for a sample in your local health shop. See how you get on and if they improve anything for you. I started taking them before my runs and I’m definitely able to still have a productive day after it because I’m not wiped from the exercise. So I’d say its’ worth giving a go.

Added to that, I’m using some Whey protein as my post workout drink. This stuff tastes pretty good to me, which is something you can’t really say for a lot of Whey Protein products. (Though, I have heard from some friends of mine that they can recommend better tasting Whey Proteins than this – but I want to get to the end of this before I start trying others. But when I do move to a different brand I’ll let you know!)

Right now, I’m making it with milk and not water. But I’m beginning to slowly adjust the ratio. As I don’t generally drink milk or have a consistent source of calcium so I feel like this is the best way to do that. But I’m trying to dilute it with more water so that I’m able to keep up that intake too.

IMG_20170821_122919.jpgAs for foods, I’m incorporating more leaf greens into my diet along with nuts, seeds and veg. So a combination that I’m liking at the minute is having a “warm” salad for lunch which consists of different types of seeds, greens and mushrooms along with some form of meat. But I’m forgoing the typical dressings. As I cook out the veg and the protein so you don’t need the additional sauce or dressing.

It’s a combination that has been working really well for me, and I’m going to be more experimental in future to see how well I can incorporate different combinations to make my diet more interesting and varied.

When I come up with some decent recipes you can be sure that I’ll be posting them here. So, keep an eye on the blog as normal.

I think that’s it for everything food and supplement wise for now. I will of course keep you guys updated on how everything else is going moving forward and don’t forget to check out my twitter @mslaurafagan & my instagram @myspecious for more daily updates!

Author: Specious Coda-Bishop

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