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Last weekend I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone. Modelling is something that I’ve always had a passing interest in, but I have never felt beautiful enough or the right size to do it. However, I have hit a point in my life where I have the opportunity to try new things and really try to embrace what I want to do with my life.

So I took a selection of photos and sent them off to some plus size modelling agencies and thankfully I got a good number of replies with organisations who were interested in me and wanted to work with me. Plus Size Model Management was one of them, and I got talking to Kate about their Bootcamp that they offer potential models to help get them trained.

For the price of the boot camp, I felt I got an awful lot out of it. The training was a full day 10 am to 6 pm which a lunch break in the middle and there was only a small group of us. (Where I met the beautiful GirlGotCurves and EmmaHelbertTextile) The day was broken down from teaching us how to walk a runway, hair and makeup tutorials, model deportment, nutritional and health advice, branding yourself as a model and rounding off the day with a photoshoot!

It was an intense day, with the majority of the day focused on walking and learning how to walk. Take it from me, professional models make it look effortless. However, there is an awful lot that goes into it. As you all know, I’m doing the couch to 5k at the minute so I would have considered myself to be pretty fit to be standing around walking for a few hours. It is far more physically involved than you would think. It’s best described as a battle between your head and your body. You have to put a lot of thought into what your body is doing – how it’s positioned if you are showcasing your clothes, what way you’d be walking on a runway, where the cameras are. All while moving poised and gracefully in heels!

After lunch, we got into the psychological elements of modelling and the mental stamina that is required to model. Through the right coaching, we were talked through how even while unmoving your state can change depending on what you’re thinking of. It was a perfect illustration of how your state will define your outcome – if you don’t think your pictures are going to turn out beautiful, then they aren’t going to. If you are thinking in your head that you’ve just won the lotto, then that is going to show on your face. Your state is your power.

From that, we discussed our motivations for wanting to plus size modelling. Here is the interesting thing though, Audrey didn’t want to hear the glamorous version of our story. While our motivations can be for other people, wanting to set a good example or be a role model. Ultimately these things are critical but not as important as wanting to do it for yourself. At the end of the day, doing it for yourself and doing it for you is the only investment you’re really going to make in yourself. That is going to be the only way you’ll ever be able to actually give back to the causes you care about.

For the nutritional and health element of things, we discussed the basics about health eating and balanced diet. Audrey also discussed the more taboo elements of plus size modeling which is “is this an advocacy for obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle?” which is a brave thing to want to discuss with a subset of new modles. So, she discussed the Plus Model Management ethos, which is healthy bodies come from healthy minds. She discussed a lot of the foundation principals of CBT and how your body tells you the areas where you may be out of proportion and how that may not be healthy, but that your body should always strive to be as balanced and healthy as possible. That is what they advocate for, they advocate for positive mental image and learning where in your body you need to improve. That modeling isn’t about how outwardly beautiful you are but what light you have inside of you that you’re able to bring out to a camera. That is what makes good models, and how good models get hired. They have that spark and that element that distinguishes them from the others. Frankly, I found this to be a very empowering message to women in general.

We then moved onto social media and how to build your brand as a model. We got told some horror stories about social media gone wrong in other industries and how that can ruin your chances of getting contracts or bookings. It was a testiment to the power that social media has on your career. Which is just a good message to reiterate to others, which is always be so careful a bout what you put on the internet, because you never know who is reading or looking at your profiles.

The last part of the day was a photoshoot, and I’m not going to lie I wasn’t super confident going in front of the camera. I do think I’ll get some nice shots out of it though, hopefully we’ll be recieving our shots in the next few weeks. It was a combination of standing shots and headshots. I know I was too busy thinking for the shots. I think that might come across in them, but I know that is what I need to improve on. I know I need to work on my physical presence, as I’m not certain yet how to show what I want to show on camera. I know that will take work and it will take practice, but I know that I’ll get there eventually.

The one thing I will say about Kate and Audrey is there absolute professionalism, and care for the people in their charge. They truly care about their craft and the people who are involved with. I’d recommend them for that alone!

You can find more information on Kate and Audrey at Plus Size Model Management on:

Website, Instagram and Facebook.

You can also find my friends:

GirlGotCurves on her Instagram & Facebook

Emma Helbert on her Blog & Instagram


Author: Specious Coda-Bishop

Blogger, Youtuber, Nerd.

9 thoughts on “Modelling Bootcamp – PlusSize Model Mangement”

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  2. Great content! So inspiring! What places did you send your photos too?.. also .. Check out my blog .. u may enjoy posted about how curvy women can kill a romper!


    1. Sure thing, you can put Plus Size Model Management into google and you’ll find their website. They also have a Facebook page too!

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