To C is to believe! (USB-C)

2017 has already seen an influx of new technology. The Nintendo Switch, the LG G6 and the Samsung S8 & S8+ all have USB C connectors. So why does this matter? Why do we have to change connections again from what has already been established? After all, I’m sure we all have accessories and adapters that we’ve had for ages that now we won’t be able to use now! 

So what’s the difference?

Wikipedia – Milos634

Pictures speak a thousand words, so it’s best explained that one of the fundamental differences between USB-C is that there are pins on both sides of the adaptor. Which means that one of the most convenient things about USB-C is no more having the cable the wrong way around! It charges and transfers regardless of what way the cable is plugged in.

USB-C can also be used for displays too, so if you have monitors that take USB-C, you can use this as a direct connection to the laptop (so long as the monitor is plugged in!).

Handy Colour Coding

Now that USB 3.0/3.1 is a standard this means that it can transfer documents, or content at a faster speed. You’ll know if your USB cables are 2.0 or 3.0 by this handy colour coding.


Want to know more?

Feel free to check some more detailed article on the Differences between 2.0 or 3.0 and How to Geeks article on USB Type-C Explained. As always, keep an eye on the Should you Care? Youtube Channel for the video version of this blog.

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