The Nutrilent Challenge!

The real people at Nutrilent (Hi Seyit!) have given me some samples of their Soylent Alternative.

FULL DISCLOSURE: They gave me some samples of their banana, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate flavours and provided us with two shakers. I only paid for shipping for the items! All together I paid E12

For those who don’t know what Nutrilent is

Nutrilent Super Food contains the perfect amount of every single nutrient your body needs. Every protein, fiber, vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and fatty acid your body needs on a daily basis, packed into 3 tasty and easy shakes. You can live on Nutrilent for the rest of your life and you would probably be super healthy. We, however, envisioned it as the perfect meal replacement for the moments in life where you don’t have time to cook or eat.

So that’s it! You get 3 meal bags to last you the day. I’m personally a bit wary of doing something like this, mainly cause I like solid food. But, due to me getting married in the next while I feel it might be time to see if I can feel fuller without always picking at unhealthy alternatives to food. (I’m drinking way too much hot chocolate!) Bouncing around from contract to contract means I’m always moving from different places. Particularly when I am atm there aren’t good healthy alternatives for food, nor does the building I’m in mainly cater for people to bring in their own food. So, this may prove to be a good alternative for me to feel fuller, lose a bit of weight and remain healthier.

So Splinter and I decided we’d give it a whirl, you may be able to find his own thoughts about the process there! (I don’t know for certain if he’s gonna blog about the experience) We started by pouring the contents of the meal packages into the shakers that were provided for us along with our preference for milk. Being the more hesitant of the two about the whole process, I decided that starting off with a chocolate milk I liked would be the best way of proceeding.

The process was as painless as you can get. Pour bag into a cup, pour milk into a cup. Shake cup. Put in fridge. They recommend you leave the nutrient overnight, so that’s what we did.

After letting it chill and taking it into work, I can definitely report that it doesn’t taste bad. It’s far more chunky than I anticipated though, and I haven’t quite decided if the texture is for me. But it’s for more palatable than I thought it would be, so I’ll keep you up to date with how I’m progressing throughout the day!

UPDATE 17th of March 2016:

So after my first day of nutrient, I can safely say it didn’t go all that well. I found myself not even making it through the first meal bag. (as its now day 2 and I’m finishing off the first package! )

The main thing I felt about it was that I felt so thirsty while just sipping it throughout the day that I felt a reluctance to keep going with it. So while I felt full and satisfied, I most certainly wasn’t expecting it.

Now in saying that, this may be a personal thing as Splinter drank it in one go and was no different thirst wise throughout the day. So maybe it has something to do with the way my body is absorbing the nutrients . So I’ll see if I can get through what’s left of my meal bag for today and see how I feel for the rest of the day!

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