A series of unfortunate events

I’m sorry for not being able to keep up with my blog as much as I’ve liked to over the past while but there’s been a problem with creating lengthy posts. 
I may have set my laptop on fire recently. Basically I caused a power surge in the house and caused a small fire with the extension cord. Thankfully I was ok and the flat was ok, but unfortunately the extension lead, battery pack and laptop were not so fortunate. 
Splinter took the laptop apart when he came home and confirmed that the motherboard was completely fried, and what happened was: after the spark and the bang from the extension lead into the battery charger for the laptop it transferred directly to the PC. So either way RIP laptop. 
So I apologise in advance for the lack of formatting and lack of anything lengthy or good. Until I can afford a new laptop there will only be posts from my iPhone’s blogger app, which is, (let’s be kind) minimalistic. 
It’s come at a bad time too for me professionally as well as personally, I had been doing a project for the Education side of my blog and I’d been doing my paper for that journal article. Let alone another piece of news which I can’t mention yet, but am probably going to miss my deadline for as a result of not having anything to type on. Also with the results of if I got my scholarship or not it’s all a bit of bad news bears. 
The problem unfortunately won’t be rectified any time soon. We’re low on finances so getting anything that will do what I need it to do (run databases & do analysis as well as gaming) won’t happen any time soon cause things are silly expensive. 
So that’s the news and as to why I haven’t been as active as I should be but hopefully something will come up for me soon.
As the old saying goes “when one door closes open a window!” So when I end up finding my window I’ll be sure to let you know!

Author: Specious Coda-Bishop

Blogger, Youtuber, Nerd.

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