Saturday night chicken

So we found a whole chicken for €4. So we couldn’t really pass it up! Along with a load of frozen veg that will get us through at least 2 months, I’d say it was a good haul. 

Edit: I won’t give any advice for cooking chicken, as you should always follow the instructions on the packet! For this particular chicken (1.5kg) the instructions were to cook it for 1 hour & 10 minutes per 1kg. I left the chicken in for 1 hour and 40 minutes, as our oven is quite hot. I had it started off for the first 45 minutes at 180 Degrees, then lowered it to 160 for the rest of the time. 

So I decided stuffing the chicken was in order: 

Now my stuffing might look very green to you guys but it does have some power greens in it that has added vitamins in it- but doesn’t alter the flavour! You can buy it at any health food shop for about €20. Expensive, I know. However when you’re trying to boost your daily intake of food, you’d be surprised as to what one or two tea spoons of that in what you eat will do for your body!

I made the stuffing in the only way I know how:

– 1 large whole onion
– about 250g of breadcrumbs (I just use whatever breads that’s left over and freezed it)
– lots of Parsley
– lots of thyme 
– some Rosemary 

It’s a slightly unusual combination but I’ve never had any complaints about it!

I’ve also decided to base the chicken with honey every 45 minutes just to give it that crispy sweet outside
I’ll be sure to update you later on with more pictures and how it all tasted!

Updated: 12/7

It was absolutely delicious! The chicken was moist, and slightly sweet, which was a great offset to the ever so slightly bitter taste of the stuffing! (I may have put in too much rosemary, or it might not have been the freshest – I’m not really too sure which.)

I would show a picture of the final product, but I’m afraid it was that tasty that I ate it too quick to take a picture! ^_^ 

At least its the sign of a good meal.

We’ve got a good load of chicken & stuffing left over so we’ll have more for tomorrow. There are a couple of things I wanna do with the left over chicken over the next day or so, maybe some chicken and sweetcorn soup, or some chicken vol eu vans (sp?) 

Hopefully I’ll have some creatives alternatives for leftovers tomorrow! 

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