Saturday musings

I don’t know why, but once I get up early in the morning. I have to start doing stuff otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted half of my day. 

This morning for example I’ve been looking up NFC cards and kid friendly tablets that have NFC built into them. Which I’ve found to my surprise is a lot harder then I originally thought it would be. I’ve also been thinking more about a personal project that I’ve mentioned before about trying to get coding into schools without the politics. I’ve begun to realise that this is a far bigger concept and project then I thought. It’s slightly disheartening – the realisation that it’s just not making any traction or more that it’s not a physically tangible thing yet. It’s something I know will take time, because all of these things take time. I guess I just thought I’d be able to get things done quicker. 

I’ve got the details for another publication soon which I’m excited about but also a bit hesitant. Mainly because I’m out of practice of academic research. Took me a good half an hour just to pick out key words of texts that I’ve already read about a year and a half ago! So I feel rusty. I know it’s something that will get easier once I get into the swing of things again but it’s still disheartening! 

Myself and Splinter are thinking of heading to the Dun Laourigh festival today. But it’s only 9am, so we’ll have to see what we get done today in terms of house work. We’ve quite a bit to do before we go anywhere! 

Something really funny happened the other day while I was with Splinter. We were on the train home – I’d had a very nice day wandering around the art galleries of Dublin – and I saw a Pebble time on some guys wrist on the train! Now, evidently my mouth did not consult my brain before I shouted ” OMG PEVBLE TIME.” Now just for some context, he was on the phone at the time looked at me like I was crazy and then just turned away from me. 

Splinter has been giving me nothing but abuse since. But hey #NerdLife. 

Author: Specious Coda-Bishop

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